Alcatraz TV Show - Coming Soon!

10/28/2011 00:59

If you were in San Francisco and haven't been to visit Alcatraz, you probably regret and whish to go back to see the very famous island! You might thought to go to San Francisco and it would still be a great trip, but believe me, you don't have to go there just to see Alcatraz prison. Now you probably ask yourself - why!? Fox TV is preparing a pleasant surprise for its audience. Alcatraz is coming to your house in year 2012 through big screen.


Get ready for Alcatraz TV Show!


Alcatraz Episode Guide


Before telling you more about TV Show, let us first say something from the real life of Alcatraz prison!


For quite a short time, which actually is less than 30 years, Alcatraz prison was a house for people that were unacceptable on the streets of US.

To be more precise, since the gates of this prison were opened in early thirties, until 1963 they left inside and barely outside the people who were making hardly acceptable riot on the streets, but also from the other prisons.

This prison, located on island in the San Francisco Bay, was concerned as the most secure place for those kind of people, as surrounded by cold freezing waters it became an impossible to escape from.

When we are talking about getting away, we should say that there were no thriving escape. History recorded a three guys who found the way through the guards and walls, but could not find the way through the water.

You can see that Alcatraz is an place you would never like to call a home. The place called just like that from the worst of the worst!

Now, if you know the story, what can you expect from the TV Show, an everyday Alcatraz life transferred on big screen, something like big brother!?


Well no, even if in the real life it was hard to escape from, the Alcatraz TV Show brings us completely different scenario! An huge turnover from reality, the producers are about to amaze us with a picture of all Alcatraz prisoners finding a way out in one single day!

Well this is for sure something I would like to see!


The main character, Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones) is a young detective who is investigating a homicide. The evidence are leading her to an impossible conclusion, that a crime did an Alcatraz prisoner, who should not be alive for a long time. The story leads her to this prisoner who fifty years after he died is alive and has the same appearance as he had on his funeral. She meets an comic strip nerd, Dr. Diego, who is actually an Alcatraz expert and who is helping her on investigation. What waits for hem behind the corner, is the mystery that will take their breaths.

Sam Neil is acting another agent, Emerson Houser who tried to sabotage Rebeca on her case. An twist is happening when Emerson come to a decision to join Rebeca and Diego. With this new situation two of them don't know what attitude to take towards him, but soon they realize that Emerson doesn't share important information with them. This makes them become even more suspicious about him. To be even more complicated Rebeca discover that her family is evolved in dark side of the Alcatraz secrets, her family members were trying to hide the real truth from her, but when she discovered it, she gets more deeper in personal problems since now she must hide this truth from her fiance.


J.J. Abrams and Elizabeth Sarnoff who produced the famous TV Series Lost, are back on a big screen with new show. If judging by their reputation and previous work, we can expect a another awesome show. We can say that Fox TV has another great year ready for their audience. Will they fulfill our expectations we'll see in the year 2012.


Alcatraz episode guide will be ready for you, follow us for more information!